Allison TCM Reflash (PCCS)

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Allison TCM Reflash (PCCS)

1 ) Support for requesting, parsing, saving and applying software and calibrations for MY09 controllers.

2 ) Support for DID and Utility files for use with the Read/Write tool.

3 ) Ability to dynamically update TCM Type codes and software compatibility.

4 ) Support for 1 Meg Baud fast write on the following adapters: Softing AC2 PCI, Softing CANCard2, and Vector CANCard XL.

5 ) Support for Equivalent Calibration upgrades for MY09 controllers.

6 ) Support for Program Level Conversions for different controllers that share a calibration.

7 ) Support for Dearborn DPA4+ translator device.

8 ) Support for Softing CANusb translator device, including support for Hybrid - EP 40/50 equipped vehicles.


Note: You must have administrative privileges to install and uninstall this program. On Windows Vista, User Account Control (UAC) must be disabled.

1 ) Insert installation CD into CD-ROM Drive.

2 ) If installation process does not begin momentarily, Select \"Start\"->\"Settings\"->\"Control Panel\" from the \"Start\" menu on the task bar.

3 ) From the Control Panel select \"Add/Remove Programs\".

4 ) Select \"Install\" on the Add/Remove Programs Properties Dialog.

5 ) Select \"Next\".


System Recommendations:

Windows XP Professional, Windows 2000 (SP4), or Windows Vista*

128 MB RAM (512 MB for Vista)

40 GB HD

Pentium 4, 2.0 GHz

One available USB, COM or Parallel port

Internet connection w/ Internet Explorer 5.0 or greater

1024 X 768 monitor

CD-ROM: 16X (minimum), 48X (recommended)

For Noregon DLA - drivers V2.2.6 or better; V2.2 firmware.

For Noregon DLA USB - drivers V. or better.

For Magikey PDM - NEXIQ Universal drivers V1.0 or better.

For NEXIQ USB-Link - NEXIQ USB-Link drivers V.3.1 or better.

For Dearborn DPAIV+ or DPAIV - DR121032_US latest version.

A PCI slot with a Softing CAN-AC2-PCI vehicle adapter, PCMCIA port

with Softing CANCard2 or Vector CANCardXL vehicle adapter, or USB

port with a Softing CANusb adapter is required for loading SIDs

onto Hybrid - EP 40/50 equipped vehicles.

* Using TCM Reflash on Windows Vista requires that User Account Control (UAC) be disabled.

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