Cummins PowerSpec program that calculates optimum gearing based on information supplied initially by the user.

Cummins PowerSpec 4.2.4, PowerSpec's full functionality is available to support all Cummins on highway engine products (ISX, ISM, ISL, ISC, ISB).  It also supports fault codes and trip information on ISBe, N14+ and M11+ CELECT Plus engines.  Other functionality is not available for the ISBe and Celect Plus engines

The PowerSpec program that calculates optimum gearing based on information supplied initially by the user. Any variation between this input data and the actual operation could affect the accuracy of the results, and make comparisons with actual operating experience questionable.

PowerSpec does not have the capability of making distinctions in resistance forces and factors affecting energy requirements, such as;

* Air Resistance due to frontal area or aerodynamic drag coefficient.

* Rolling Resistance due to tire construction (bias, radial, low profile radial, etc.).

* Air resistance increases due to winds and rain or snow.

* Rolling Resistance increases due to cold and rain or snow, or due to different pavement types and condition.

* Drivetrain and accessory loss increases due to cold weather.

* Increased fuel consumption due to use of blended fuels and long periods of idling in cold weather.

Cummins is in no way liable for hardware selections made by the users. Specifications should be reviewed with the vehicle manufacturer dealer or with a Cummins distributor.

PowerSpec version 4.2.4 was released in August 2011 and supports Cummins 2010 On-Highway engine products (ISX15, ISX 11.9, ISL9, ISC8.3, and ISB6.7), 2007 products (ISX, ISM, ISL, ISC, ISB) and earlier products.

The release was to address the trip issue with the latest calibration for the middle range engines and the compatibility issue with the competitive datalink adapters.

PowerSpec Version 4.1.0 (February 2009)

PowerSpec Version 4.1.0 was released in February 2009, and brings the following key changes:

New Features

- Simulator / Demo Mode Support (engines only)

- Metric Support

- Light Box Support

- RoadRelay 4 Inline 4/5 J1587 Datalink Support

Please note, all features above can be set from Configuration Options. Metric support is not available for Gearing in this release.

- Read ISBe engine data

- Edit OEM Ambient Air Temperature Sensor- Read RoadRelay Sudden Deceleration Data

- RoadRelay Spec Transfer will require a RoadRelay license (allow Roadrelay spec transfer

only) or PowerSpec license (allow engine and RoadRelay spec transfer).

- Trip snapshot data will be stored in separate folder

- Windows Vista (32 bit) Support


- Allow multiple selections when open spec files

- View Report: reports will be displayed in alphabet order

- ECM Runtime will be displayed on engine report header

- Resolved Driver Reward issue

- Dropped 3.5 spec support

Cummins PowerSpec 4.2.4

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