Payment, Delivery and Assistance options

Dear Customers of EPC-MANUALS.COM, we welcome you !

We live in a modern world with tons of information and jet speeds around us.

That is why we prefer to provide service that is line with time - fast and reliable.

To provide speed in payments - we use PayPal as major payment option - fast and secure system for online payments.

Usually it takes 10-15 minutes to confirm your payment and start processing your order, big or small.

Some may not have PayPal account or credit card to pay for the order. Don't worry.

We can accept Bitcoin, Bank (Wire) transfers, Western Union payments as well as other ways of payment upon mutual agreement.

To provide speed in delivery - we have fast server that you can use to download your order by FTP or HTTP.

You will receive downloading details shortly after payment for the order is received.

In case you don't have fast Internet speed or your Internet connection is limited in traffic, you have another delivery option - Airmail postal service,

inexpensive delivery option that takes 2-3 weeks to deliver worldwide usually. You will get tracking code when order is shipped to you.

To provide speed in technical support - we use Teamviewer software - the most popular tool for remote technical assistance.

Just contact us if you have problem, we will connect to you and assist with downloading, installation or fix the problem (if there will be).