Atris Stahlgruber 1 quarter 2016 spare parts catalogue all OEM brands, presented spare parts for cars, trucks, buses, motorcyles.

Atris Stahlgruber DVD which enables you to find the parts which you are looking for very quickly, and inclusive of all relevant information, from the extensive list of parts covered in this catalogue system.

Atris Stahlgruber 1Q 2016 It also enables you to transfer article and price information into your own software programmes, or to import such data as needed.

If necessary, you can create notes to appear with certain articles and which will provide special internal information for the user when selecting the corresponding article.


You can deposit selected parts in a Shopping Basket . A variety of articles can be included in this list and it allows for subsequent revision. Data of articles put into the shopping basket is simultaneously saved in a file from where it can be accessed by other software programmes.

Atris Stahlgruber 1Quarter 2016 The function Addresses presents a versatile filing system for customer and supplier addresses which can also be used in other programmes.

Electronic spare parts and accessories catalogue Atris Stahlgruber 4 quarter 2011 represents the catalogue of automobile and lorries details. Data on automobile machines, since 60th years, on cargo with 80th.

Since 2002 the program is executed in TCD interface and with use of data TCD. Except for the information on spare parts in the program the information on labour times, refueling capacities, intervals of service, adjusting labels of belts is integrated.

ATRis Stahlgruber catalogue - 1 quarter 2016 (ATRIS Stahlgruber + ATRIS Technik)

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