CAPS 7.0 Computer Aided Problem Solving

CAPS - Computer Aided Problem Solving - is essentially a practical fault diagnostic workshop manual for the modern Engine Management System (EMS) and fuel-injected vehicles, and has recently been extended to cover ABS, Traction Control, SRS and Automatic Transmission.

Instead of providing information in book form, data is displayed on the screen of a computer.

A vehicle or EMS is quickly selected from the CAPS menu to reveal a wealth of information. A full technical description, ECM pin tables, voltage, resistance, etc. are all linked for easy understanding, adjustment and testing of the most complex of systems.

In addition, a unique section indicates the common faults attributed to each particular system.

Authors of the on-screen manual for Vehicle Engine Management Systems and Electronic Fuel injection.

Our Hypertext Manual is specifically designed for use by the Motor Industry for finding faults in Engine Management Systems/ Electronic fuel injection on Motor Vehicles



CAPS can be linked to a fault code reader, such as the OmiScan handheld diagnostic tool from Omitec, establishing a link between any retrieved fault codes and CAPS test procedures.

Fault codes are linked to tests, so that by selecting a fault code, you can follow a test procedure that’s associated with that fault code.

CAPS provides information on:

Scope waveforms

Wiring diagrams

ECM pin tables


Test routines

Fault finding procedures (including emissions)

Measurement data including voltage readings, resistance, temperature, timing and ECM pin-out tables

Fault codes

Common faults

System technical description

Vehicle coverage includes most popular European and many Asian vehicles

The data is not generic and thoroughly covers all engine management aspects of the vehicles in the application list

Caps v3.8 All Vehicle Electronics

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