Hyster Forklift Truck electronic spare parts catalogue, parts manuals, presented all models Hyster Forklifts.

Hyster Hypass Parts & Service System.

The N-Compass Parts & Service system is designed to run on a standard 486DX or above PC with a CD-ROM Drive, 110 Meg of free Hard Disk Space, and 24 Meg of RAM running Windows 95. Due to the large number of graphics, it is recommended that the PC have a fast video card, local bus video is recommended. This release of NCompass TM is resolution independent. If your PC runs in 800x600 or 1024x768 256 color, you can run N-CompassTM in those resolutions. The startup screen will still appear in 640x480 but the parts pages and service pages will take advantage of the extra viewing area.

Hyster Parts Manual

Parts manuals are accessed from the main screen by selecting a model series, a model and then a page from the Navigator. To return to the main screen anytime, click the Go to Main Screen

icon. If you were to select a model by clicking on the icon at the bottom of the main screen, followed by the model name, the system will launch the Navigator displaying available Parts Manual

Sections for that model.

In catalogue not presented Hyster Class2 Electric Motor Narrow Aisle Trucks and Hyster CLASS3 Electric Motor Hand Truck.

Hyster Forklift Truck

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