Irizar Century, Inter Century, Irizar I4, Irizar PB, New Century electronic spare parts catalogue for spain buses Irizar.

Original spare parts catalogue Irizar delivered on 1 CD.

Irizar Buses history:

IRIZAR is a luxury coach maker, It is the market leader in Spain, Europe's second biggest producer by volume, and is commercially active in 71 countries. The number of people involved in the Ormaiztegi operation in Gipuzkoa, a province within Spain's Basque Country, currently stands at 731. IRIZAR was founded in 1889, and is one of the 100 autonomous co-operatives that make up the Mondragón Corporación Cooperativa (MCC) Group.

The IRIZAR Group, founded in 1998 as a consequence of the Irizar partnership strategy, includes IRIZAR TIANJIN (China 1995), IRIZAR MAGHREB (Morocco 1997), IRIZAR BRAZIL (1998), IRIZAR MEXICO (1999), INTERNATIONAL HISPACOLD (Spain 1997), IRIZAR TVS LTD. (India 2001), MASATS S.A. (Spain 2002) and IRIZAR SOUTHERN AFRICA (South Africa 2004) with more than 2.900 people in IRIZAR GROUP.

Irizar Buses Spare Parts Catalog

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