Service manual for Mitsubishi Diesel Engine S12A2 (Hitachi).

Mitsubishi Engine parts catalog S12A2-Y1TAA1 Engine Serial No. 22328-UP

Mitsubishi Engine S12A2 Manual KM-927E-04

This service manual describes the specifications of the Mitsubishi Diesel Engine and the maintenance and adjustment procedures.

To maintain the performance of the engine for many years and to ensure safe operation, it is important to use the engine correctly and conduct regular inspection and maintenance, and also to take necessary measures which involves the disassembly, inspection, repair and reassembly of the engine and engine parts.

Read this manual carefully and understand the work procedures fully before disassembling, inspecting, repairing or reassembling the engine. The contents of the manual are based on the engine models that are being produced at the time of publication. Due to improvements made thereafter, the actual engine that you work on may differ partially from the one described in this manual.

Mitsubishi Engine S12A2 (Hitachi)

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