Mitsubishi Aftersales Support Application electronic spare parts catalogue, General (Asia) market, all models MMC aviable, Vin decoding also enable.

In Mitsubishi ASA (Aftersales Support Application ), there are often a number of different ways of doing the same thing. Not all the possibilities, but rather only the most common are described in the various exercises i.e. program functions performed using the mouse. However, it is also possible for you to combine individual procedures (mouse and keyboard). Select whichever variation is most convenient for you. For the purposes of this introduction, we assume that you are familiar with the basics of PC operation. Please also take into consideration any relevant information on your computer or operating system.

Mitsubishi ASA has been designed for use with Windows 98 and later. The minimum supported resolution is 800x600, however, at least 1024x768 is recommended.

Hard disk space needed:

CD installation: at least 15 MB

Full installation: at least 1.5 GB

Full installation & online updates: at least 3 GB

To use online updates, an Internet connection is required. Download times vary with the size of the update.

Please note: depending on the ASA version, market and operating system that you are using, some of the screenshots and descriptions may differ from the ASA version you have installed.

Mitsubishi ASA (Aftersales Support Application)

Symbols used in this help document:

* Parts of the program marked by an asterisk are not available if only CAPS has been installed.

— The dot refers to individual work steps.

> The arrow refers to additional explanation of the section.

Mitsubishi General (MMC ASA) 2011

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