Toyota, Lexus General EPC spare parts and accessories catalog, all models Toyota & Lexus, General (Asia) market.

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All models Toyota & Lexus, General (Asia) market aviable

Toyota, Lexus, Help:


After the power is switched on and this screen appears, select a

job using mouse or scroll bar.

1. Part Number Translation

2. Part Number Application to Models

Searches applicable Models contained in CD for each Part


3. New Parts List

Searches the newly added Part Numbers for the specified

Catalog Code.


4. Part Number List

Searches applicable Part Numbers contained in CD for each Part

Name and Part Name Code.

5. List Price

Seaches the L/P for each Part Number.

Searches the price for each Part Number from the L/P provided

by the diskettes created by each distributor.

6. Save File List

Displays the data which has been searched and saved before.

Researchs, and interfaces with another system.

7. Data setup

Sets up the data

8. End


Data isn't setup. Execute the [Data Setup].


Data setup has not been completed.

System Action


User Response

The user must select the [Data Setup] from the [Main Menu]

to set up the Data.


Price File isn't setup. Execute the [Price File Setup].


Price File Setup has not been completed.

System Action


User Response

The user must call the [Setup Menu] from the [Main Menu]

and set up the Price File.


System error occurred. This EPC will be closed.


The system found an error and cannot proceed.

System Action

The system closes the EPC, when "OK" button is clicked.

The system outputs hard copies and closes the ECP, when "Copy"

button is clicked.

User Response

The user must click "OK" button in the message box to close the

program or click "Copy" button to print the screen, and report

to the consultant.

 Please inquire of the support center.

Toyota & Lexus General EPC 2011

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